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Well WY: TV Make Us Look

Written by on June 21, 2021

We Really Have Seen It All On TV.

Do you WANT it… Yes

Do you Need it… most would say no. I am a hard yes!

Here are some of the few left over AFTER Father’s Day that you can find in Cody.

Fellow Wyoming friends have you ever had to have something you have seen, and could not live with out. 


We have all seen the commercials for so many things “As Seen On TV”  ,and thought gosh I need that! Not going to lie to you I bought something As Seen On TV yesterday. Any guesses?

Today I went to take a look at what we could have after I found the aisle yesterday.

The selection was unlike what I saw yesterday morning.

Besides the fact that As Seen is differently from most store bought items. It was also a day for dads.

So my guess is a lot of dads got some really cool items that were seen, but are now theirs.

You too can own these awesome items that I seriously considered buying, not just for me… but my loved ones whom I was able to actually want I mean need them.


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