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Wolf Hunting Seasons Set by Game and Fish

Written by on July 27, 2017

Trophy hunting for wolves is now allowed in Wyoming, which means a change in how the state works with hunters and the animals.
Ken Mills, large carnivore biologist with the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, says that ever since the animals were put under federal protection, there has always been an expectation that the wolf population would recover and be taken off the endangered species list.
The Wyoming Game and Fish department just approved Chapter 47 regulations, which set wolf hunting seasons. Mills points out that this has come about after years of negotiations with the federal government over whether or not the state can manage the wolf population.
Now that the state has management authority over the animals that live within these borders, Mills says the management plan allows for hunting that will reduce the number of wolves in certain areas where they are at high density and where there has been chronic livestock depredation in the past. So he says the wolf hunting season will run on a mortality basis – once the quota is reached for a particular hunt area, the season for that area will close.
Mills says that hunters are required to call in to Game and Fish and report when they’ve taken a wolf, so accurate population numbers can be kept.

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