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Women and Allies Marched

Written by on January 22, 2018

Men, women, children, students, retirees, and professionals – all walks of life were represented at yesterday’s Women and Allies March at Cody’s City Park.
The non profit organization Wyoming Rising-Northwest organized the event, which members say was not a protest, but rather a demonstration promoting civility and social justice. The group alternated between gathering in front of the bandshell to listen to speakers, and marching around the park with their signs and slogans.
Signs carried by participants promoted various messages such as, “There Is No Planet B,” “Being Kind is More Important than Being Right”, and “Truth Matters,” among other topics. Ann Pasek, who is a member of Wyoming Rising-Northwest, said her signs urged President Trump not to build the wall between the United States and Mexico.

Rene Tafoya, one of the leaders of Wyoming Rising-Northwest, says that there were around 300 people at the event, about 100 less than last year. However, she says that they appreciated the enthusiasm of those present, and the group hoped that the event would compel people to get involved in the government process.

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