Worland City Council-Snow Removal Ordinance and 2019’s First Resolutions

Written by on February 7, 2019

The Worland City Council met in their first February meeting on Tuesday night at City Hall.
Among the business conducted was the first reading of Ordinance #847. This ordinance would define the rules for snow and debris removal and disposal as it relates to city streets.
The main goal of the ordinance, in the view of City Attorney Kent Richins — is to define the rules and regulations for snow removal from personal property and city streets. A main point Richins made was — that the ordinance as it pertains to exemptions is written intentionally vague. The purpose of that is to address issues as they arise — making the city agile in their response instead of rigid.
The ordinance would make it illegal for any non-city employee or non-contractual entity to remove snow and ice from city streets. It would not however — effect the removal of ice by property owners from gutters. When removing that ice, residents and property owners need to avoid making a hindrance to traffic flow. The maximum penalty for violating the ordinance would be $750.
Additional business included passing resolutions 2019-1 and 2019-2. The first resolution was for the vacating of an alley that goes partially in front of Blair’s. The measure passed and the property will be transferred to the south property owner by request.
Resolution 2019-2 was passed unanimously and concerned the SLIB Grant approval for the continuing of the Culbertson Street Project.

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