Worland Fire Department Responds to Dryer Fire

Written by on February 18, 2019

The Worland Fire Department responded to a dryer fire over the weekend at 1401 Big Horn Avenue. There were no injuries reported in the incident.
Dryer fires are most often caused by a build up of lint or other debris in the lint trap. According to the National Fire Protection Association — 33 percent of dryer fire ignitions are blamed on failure to clean, these fires also resulted in more than half the 13 civilian deaths associated with the fires — 34 percent of civilian injuries and 26 percent of direct property damage. Also — according to the report — mechanical and electrical failure or malfunction was involved in the vast majority of fires.
Consumer Reports released a list of four ways homeowners can help prevent dryer fires. The most obvious remains cleaning the lint trap. They also suggest replacing the accordion-style ducts with a rigid metal duct — also they suggest cleaning the duct at least once annually. Clothes stained with gas — cooking oil — cleaning agents — or other flammable chemicals or substances should be handled and cleaned with special care — the Consumer Product Safety Commission suggest washing such stained clothing more than once and hanging to dry.

Photo Credit: Worland Fire Protection District #1 and Worland Fire Department Facebook

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