Worland News 6-6-18

Written by on June 6, 2018

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County Road and Bridge Supervisor Stuart Bower met with the Washakie County Commissioners at yesterday’s meeting to discuss ongoing work throughout the county.
An original request for 5,000 cubic yards of crushed gravel had been approved for road repair earlier in the year, but due to demand and the need for additional material, Bower made a request for an additional 5,000 cubic yards at the meeting. The request was approved unanimously by the commissioners. During the approval it was noted that an addendum needed to be added to the original bond for the additional gravel at the same cost previously quoted by Hout Fencing of Wyoming.
The Public Defender’s office has been in need of new space to house its full staff of attorney’s, administrative assistants and filing systems.
The county currently has room at the cloverleaf building on 15th Street. The defender’s office had also looked into other buildings for rent. Throughout the discussion of needs for the office space, Attorney John Worrall said he believed that the County Commissioners were not interested in renting a space, when there was space available that could be renovated. Commissioner Aaron Anderson added, quote, “You may be getting hung up on how it looks now.” The statement was made in reference to the ability of Tom Schmeltzer, who manages and maintains the buildings, to re-configure the space.
The commissioners, along with Building and Maintanence Manager Tom Schmeltzer assured the defender’s office that a plan could be put together to accomadate the needs of the attorney’s and administration. The county has an estimated $12 to $15 thousand dollars for renovations of the office space. The parties met after the meeting to discuss plans moving forward with a design of the interior needed for the Public Defender’s office.

The Worland City Council met at the Worland Municipal Airport for their regular meeting. The meeting convened at 6:00 P.M. with all members in attendance.
A transfer of liquor license from JK Investments LLC d/b/a Firenze Italian Steakhouse to Scheuerman Hospitality Inc. d/b/a Comfort in was approved by the council. The Comfort Inn in Worland plans to have a small bar area in a 13 by 13 room in the main entrance of the hotel.
A committee was formed with a council member from each Ward to review the applications for the new City Planner and Building Official that has been recently vacated. Keith Gentzler of Ward 1, Christy Schneider of Ward 2 and Michelle Rideout of Ward 3 volunteered to serve on the committee. There are 5 applicants for the position, according to Clerk/Treasurer Tracy Glanz, two of the applicants are currently certified, but do live outside of Wyoming currently.
The Worland Police Department had a resignation this past week according to Chief Gabe Elliott. He asked the council for permission to publicly advertise and hire a new peace officer for the City of Worland, the request was approved.
The council then adjourned the official meeting and broke into groups to tour the airport facility and businesses that call it home. Local government representatives and a few interested citizens were in attendance for the tour.

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