Worland News 8-22-18 Election Results(Unofficial)

Written by on August 22, 2018

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Washakie County voters went to the polls yesterday to cast their vote for a host of national, statewide and local offices.
The locally competitive race for County Commissioner appears to have gone to a pair of incumbents, Fred Frandson and Terry Wolf. Both picked up more than 1,300 votes, challenger Christapher Godfrey had a tally of 473 votes. These results are not yet official.
With no one running in opposition, the following were re-elected in Washakie County. Jeff Lapp-County Coroner, John Worrall-County Attorney, Steve Rakness-County Sheriff, Mary Grace Strauch-County Clerk, Doris Kern-County Treasurer, Kathy Treanor-County Assessor and Suzann Whitlock-Clerk of District Court.
At the state level, more unopposed winners were Mike Greear for House District 27 Representative and Jillian Balow for Superintendent of Public Instruction.
For a full list of unofficial results, visit the county website at washakiecounty.net.

The run for the Gubernatorial nomination in the Republican party has been crowded for months, the polls tightened heading into the Primary Election.
With nearly all the precincts reporting as of last night, the Associated Press released a projected winner in the race.
Mark Gordon, current State Treasurer, is projected to win the race. Gordon received, as of reporting, 37,749 votes, which accounted for 33 percent of b allots cast in the election.
Billionaire Foster Friess, who threw a lot of money into the races final weeks, appears to have finished nearly 8,000 votes behind Gordon. Friess won the support of President Trump, but as it stands, unofficially, it was not enough.
Harriet Hageman won 21 percent of votes, nearly 25,000 votes in total, Sam Galeotos won 12 percent of the vote, just over 14,000 votes from Wyomingites and Taylor Haynes and Bill Dahlin accounted for less than 10,000 votes combined, Haynes 6 percent and Dahlin 2 percent of the vote.
These election results remain unofficial until they are certified by the Secretary of State’s office.

National incumbents, John Barrasso for U.S. Senate and Liz Cheney for U.S. House Representative, won their primaries handily.
John Barrasso is expected to move onto the general election as a heavy favorite for re-election.
Liz Cheney is also the projected winner by a wide margin in her U.S. House race. Cheney received more than 73,000 votes, nearly 68 percent of votes cast.
Other competitive state races yesterday included the run for State Auditor and State Treasurer.
Kristi Racines of Cheyenne is the projected winner of the State Auditor’s office. She received 60 percent of the vote as of the last reporting. Washakie County voted in favor of Nathan Winters.
Curt Meier and Leland Christensen were the top vote getters in the State Treasurer’s race, it appears the Associated Press has projected Curt Meier will be the next Cowboy State Treasurer, garnering 50 percent of the vote, while Christensen was close behind with 45 percent of the vote.

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