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Written by on August 24, 2018

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More Wyomingites cast votes Tuesday than in any Republican or Democratic primary in state history, the Secretary of State’s office confirmed Wednesday.
Figures show 140,070 individuals across the state cast ballots, making for an overall voter turnout that the office confirmed was quote, “the highest it’s ever been for a primary election.” End quote.
An article in the Billings Gazette points out an interesting trend in the state’s two party system. Wyoming is clearly a red state with heavy Republican influence. Some Democrats in Wyoming will switch parties on the day of primaries to vote for a more moderate candidate, an effort to combat what they see as a move even further to the right.
Natrona County Democratic Chairman Brett Governati said the practice of Democratic voters switching over to help more moderate Republicans win happens quote, “quite a lot,” end quote, simply because he believes Democrats in Wyoming have little sway within the state’s lopsided two-party paradigm, and choose instead to affect change where their vote has more impact.
Mark Gordon, who is now the Republican candidate for Governor, was seen as a more moderate force in comparison with President Trump backed billionaire Foster Friess and natural resources attorney Harriett Hageman.
The general election is set for November 6th of this year.

Police in Wyoming say they’re investigating claims of child sexual abuse following an internal investigation by local Roman Catholic Church officials.
The Roman Catholic Diocese of Cheyenne announced in July that a 2002 investigation by authorities was “flawed” and the diocese found that Bishop Joseph Hart sexually abused two boys in Wyoming.
Cheyenne police spokesman Kevin Malatesta said Thursday investigators would like any church abuse victims to talk to investigators within the next month.
Malatesta says police want to keep their investigation moving but will investigate any cases as they’re reported.
Wyoming law prohibits investigators from identifying suspects in sex abuse cases and police haven’t implicated Hart.
Hart denies the Wyoming allegations and previous claims involving several men in the Kansas City, Missouri, area that led to legal settlements.

A drone assisted crews with a wildfire in the northwestern corner of Yellowstone National Park.
The Bozeman Daily Chronicle reports an unmanned aircraft system was used Monday on the fire, which has burned more than three square miles (nearly eight square kilometers) in the park and on the Lee Metcalf Wilderness south of Big Sky.
Fire spokesman Jeff Gildehaus says it was the first drone to be used on fires in both Yellowstone National Park and the Custer Gallatin National Forest.
Gildehaus says the drone took photos, mapped the perimeter and took infrared data showing the fire’s hottest spots, all work usually done by manned aircraft’s.
Gildehaus says the drone reduces firefighters’ exposure to hazards.

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