Written by on April 7, 2021

Wyoming Has Some Wild World Records

I had no idea that our state has a history of claiming various Guinness World Records. Believe it or not they are not just for hunting, fishing, trapping, etc.  Although several hunting and fishing records have been set in the Cowboy State there are others that are on the list. Including natural wonders, fossils, and Yellowstone Park also holds the record for the oldest national park.

When it comes to the world record for animals of course we have a few of those. A Shiras’ moose that can be found in the Jackson Hole Museum it was shot in 1952, and 82-year-old mark for the world’s largest bison. That record was broken in 2007 when a man by the name of E.D. Riekens Jr. took “Old Lonesome” in the Bridger-Teton National Forrest. The bison’s horns measured almost 3 feet long, completely shattering the previous record set 1925 in Yellowstone National Park. Wyoming sure is full of some interesting fun facts.

When you think about world records and especially The Guinness World Records you think of crazy things like most tattooed man, longest nails ever, competitive eating, smallest and tallest of humans and animals, but there is so much more. Seems there has been a long line of Cowboy State natives in the Guinness Book.

  • 1989 – Kevin Christopherson flew into the record books, hang-gliding 287 miles from Whiskey Peak, Wyo. to North Dakota.
  •  2006 – age of 88 Bob Champion a WY native became the oldest man to win a title at the World Horseshoe Pitchers Tournament.
  • 2010 – Ed Bruns set a record for the most body piercings. He did so he when he had over 1,500 needles inserted into his body (eeek) during an event in Gillette. He broke the existing mark by over 300 needles.
  • 2013 – Jaimie Pierre flew off a 255-foot cliff in Grand Targhee. That set a new record for the world’s largest ski jump.
  • 2015 –  The UW Cowboy Country Swing Club set a record for the world’s largest swing dance when 1,184 people danced inside the Fieldhouse.
  • 2018 –  University of Wyoming professor Elizabeth Minton and her husband Daniel set a new world record, erecting a two-person tent inside the UW Student Union in one minute and seven seconds.

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