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Youtube Video Shows Missed Arrow Sparking Wildland Fire

Written by on August 28, 2020

How dry is Wyoming?

A video posted on YouTube is perhaps the starkest example of the current dryness pervading the state. That’s Bowhunting is a channel that showcases bowhunting on public lands throughout several states, including Wyoming. One of their recent posts is entitled “Wyoming Archery Antelope Ends in a Blaze. Regular host JC Navarro is in an unidentified spot in the Wyoming wilderness pursuing pronghorn when, according to the video’s description “JC nocked an arrow to seal the deal the arrow ricocheted off a rock causing sparks to ignite a wilderness fire.” All during the opening morning of their hunt.

Thankfully, JC and his hunting compatriots acted quickly enough and were adequately prepared to stop the fire before it grew out of control. But it’s the ultimate testament to the current state of our state. Typically, the most common causes of human-caused wildland fires are campfires that are improperly or incompletely extinguished. Other causes are cigarette butts or dragging trailer chains. But in this instance, all it took was a few sparks from a missed arrow hitting a boulder. Even the smallest actions can have devastating repercussions.

Thankfully, successfully extinguishing the fire was not the only success of the day for the That’s Bowhunting team. JC successfully bagged the pronghorn buck he was pursuing. You can find a link to the video and the That’s Bowhunting YouTube Channel here:

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