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“10 Concerts” Facebook Post Could Pose Security Concerns

Written by on May 3, 2017

A popular Facebook questionnaire may pose a security threat to those who participate.

The post begins, quote, “I love this! 10 concerts, but there is one act that I haven’t seen live. Which is it?” endquote.

While it may be fun to read your friends’ wild guesses, Cybersecurity consultant Joseph Ingemi warns users to think twice before posting. He says users who participate are giving away personal information to others.

Ingemi told CBS News Philadelphia that phishers, or crooks who try to glean personal information so they can steal your identity, can now see your preferences and possibly gain demographic information from you. That would open you up to spam emails that could offer free tickets to bands you said you liked, which if clicked could download malware or a virus to your computer or phone.

Hackers could then get into your account by resetting your password. Additionally, Ingemi said one of the security questions often asked by banks or credit card companies is, “What was the first concert you ever attended?” Hackers could use your answers to the game to figure out which might have been your first concert.

If you want to participate and you’re concerned about the security risks, Ingemi recommends setting your privacy settings to “Friends Only,” preventing strangers — and potential hackers — from accessing that valuable information.

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