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Two citizens were officially honored by Yellowstone’s superintendent, but for an unorthodox reason. This past September, Frank and Terry Dinovi were staying at the Mammoth Campground. While there, Terry, a registered nurse, witnessed an incident of apparent child abuse and neglect. Being trained to identify child abusers and their victims, Terry and Frank reported their…

The time has come, once again, for women to stand for what they believe Wyoming Rising announces plans for their annual Women’s March tomorrow, January 18. This is the fourth annual Women’s March that Wyoming Rising has sponsored. This year’s theme is “March for a Better America. “It addresses the problems and opportunities women have…

There are ways to save more wildlife. Slower speed limits aren’t doing it. A new, first-of-its-kind study released by the Nature Conservancy refutes the commonly-held belief that lowering speed limits lowers the fatalities. The study, undertaken in conjunction with the Wyoming Department of Transportation, chose six highway crossings along mule deer migration routes and winter…

The Wyoming Business Council is now looking to help you preserve the past. The Council is accepting pre-applications for anyone who owns a historical, commercial building located in downtown districts to see if they qualify for the Historic Architecture Assistance Fund.  There will be no funding available for physical repairs or the purchase of buildings…

There’s a different kind of weather forecast for 2020 available. The Bureau of Reclamation Office in Billings has released their snow-melt predictions for the entire Bighorn River Basin. The report lists the forecasted acre-feet of water for six major bodies of water in the Basin – Bighorn Lake, Boysen Reservoir, Bull Lake Reservoir, Bull Lake…

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