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86 Year Old “Umbraphile” Coming to Wyoming to View Eclipse

Written by on August 21, 2017

A true “umbraphile” is headed to Wyoming to experience her 16th eclipse.
86 year old Tahleen Nabors is a resident of Asbury, an active senior living home in Solomons, Maryland. She plans to view this year’s eclipse near Jay Em, close to Lusk, Wyoming. A true “eclipse chaser,” Nabors has traveled the globe with her family to view total solar eclipses, including treks to Kenya, China, Australia, and many more.
Nabors spoke with KODI radio Saturday. She said her first eclipse was experienced with her husband and young sons in 1970 in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and that started a family tradition.
Nabors has advice for those who may be experiencing their first eclipse – she says during totality, although the corona is fascinating to watch, don’t forget to watch for the stars appearing, to look around at animals and how they are reacting, as well as looking at the edge of the spherical shadow in the distance.
She adds that the partiality phases are fascinating, as well.
Nabors is proud to be an “umbraphile.”
Clear skies, Mrs. Nabors.

-photo from Asbury Solomons Facebook Page

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