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A Four-Day Work Week Is Closer Than You Think

Written by on February 8, 2023

Many companies are considering moving to a four-day work week. Recent studies have shown that this change would be more beneficial than some may think.

While many parts of the country are still getting over the pandemic, businesses have created a new way to lure new employees.

The employment agency, “Robert Half,” recently released data showing that 93% of business owners are in favor of transitioning to a four-day workweek. Furthermore, their data revealed that 64% of companies were expected to make this transition within the next 5 years.

Nate Jones, who is head of research at CX Pilots states, “It’s nice to actually feel like we do have off time, and that we are protective of that time. I’m meal prepping, I’m doing laundry, catching up with family.”

Jones also stated via foxbuisness.com that “his weekends now feel a little more like a weekend because he tries to make the most of that extra free day.”

When putting a 4-day work week into perspective, Fox News provided this graphic…

While many businesses are supportive of a four-day workweek, others are hesitant because it would create obstacles regarding “workflow.”

A senior president of Robert Half stated “Some staff members, work Monday through Thursday one week, and others work Tuesday through Friday, to make sure there’s coverage five days a week.”

With this research, the four-day workweek is gaining momentum to becoming a reality.

While the decision for this will be up to each specific employer, don’t be surprised if five years from now, this will be a new normal.

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