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Alright STOP, Collaborate and Listen.

Written by on March 22, 2021

Here in park County we have problem. With handfuls of road signs turning up missing and or damaged in the past few months. Commissioners are willing to pay out some cold hard cash to find who those who are responsible.

On March 2nd at a commissioners meeting, they agreed to pay upwards of $ 500.00  reward for information leading to the apprehension of those who have stolen the signs. Apparently sign vandalism is a recurring problem.  

From December and up to the end of February nearly 40 signs have been stolen, damaged, or taken. Some were ran over and others have been shot or flipped upside down. With the numbers in hand, Powell has experienced the vast majority of the sign saga. Those who are taking them are clearly not thinking about about what each sign means.  They all have a safety meaning behind them. STOP. YIELD. SPEED LIMIT. SCHOOL ZONE. SPEED HUMP. Etc.

These signs are there for a reason. We need them so no one gets hurts. By taking them that is actually what will happen.

Someone will get hurt.

So please don’t take them, and if you know who is lets make it stop.  

“Between Dec. 7 and Feb. 24, sign vandals and thieves cost the county more than $2,150, according to numbers compiled by the Park County Sheriff’s Office.” They are now offering a reward if you have any information.”

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