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Area Closures for Shed and Horn Hunters

Written by on December 18, 2018

Shed and horn hunters have just two more weeks to get out and find that perfect set.
The Wyoming Game and Fish Department says that the seasonal winter closure for shed antler and horn hunting begins January 1st for many sections of public land, state land and Wyoming Game and Fish Commission wildlife habitat management areas throughout the state.
The closures help protect wintering big game by limiting exposure to humans, so the animals can better survive the coldest and snowiest months. Scott Edberg, Game and Fish Department deputy chief of wildlife says that it’s very important for the survival of big game animals during the winter months that they do not experience undue stress.
The winter closure will go through April 30th. That means that no one can search for, locate, stockpile or possess shed antlers and horns of big game animals on public land during that time period. A violation of this regulation carries the same potential penalties as many other Game and Fish violations.

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