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Bars are Closing at 10, What are Your Plans for New Years?

Written by on December 18, 2020

With New Years right around the corner, and bars having to close down at 10PM due to COVID, how are we going to celebrate all of us getting through this year that seemed like a decade?

Let’s not allow these mandates to keep us all from having a great time as their will still be fun things to do to ring in the new year in a social distanced and safe  manner.

  • Bonfire with Friends Again,  while adhering to the rules set by the Park County Health Officials, having a fire in the backyard with some friends is a great way to be outside, social distance, and have a great time. Get some music playing, some drinks flowing, and sit around the fire and bask in what this 2021 will hopefully bring. Bonfires are a disguise to feeling productive and like you went outside as well. The odor of our clothes next day suggests you went outside and forged a campground to get warm when in reality you brought out the fire starter and drank a beer.
  • Games at the House This could be paired with the one above as well if you start your night a little earlier. Have a few friends over with some board games and drinking games and let the night begin. I think the phrase ‘drinking games’ has a connotation that means a kegger with beer pong and guys jumping on tables, but their are some really fun, even more family friendly ones that don’t require any alcohol at all.
  • Watch the Iconic ‘Ball Drop’ Every year in Time Square the ball drops to signify the new year. This will be the first time since 1907 that their won’t be any spectators according to the New York Post. The case of no spectators is a sad one, but it also is gong to improve the viewing experience. More angles, more involvement, and even avatars. You can set up your avatar on their app and be apart of the experience, literally.
  • Resolutions This year has been hard, tumultuous, and downright exhausting. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t try and better ourselves. This has been a year for a lot of people to gain more awareness of themselves and who they are and new years resolutions can forward that process. Sitting around as a family or with friends discussing goals for 2021. It can be refreshing to talk about the things we want to improve on with the people we love.
  • Take a Walk Walk? To start my new year you want me to walk? Hear me out. Waiting until midnight doing any of the activities above and then going outside and enjoying the fresh air is a great way to start the year. Walking is an activity that is proven to relieve stress and open you mind. To start the new year with less stress and maybe even the originating of a good habit as well.

Whatever it is you decide to do on this new years, make sure you have a good time and stay safe. Let’s not allow the new year to be a new surge of cases in Park County. So whatever you decide to end up doing, make sure and have a mask on when possible and stay as socially distanced as possible.


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