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Bear 747 Wins Katmai National Park’s Fat Bear Week Competition

Written by on October 7, 2020

Well, the results are in and Katmai National Park has crowned the winner of Fat Bear Week – Bear 747

Each year 12 bears picked by Katmai National park are voted on in a playoff bracket and one comes away victorious.  Every year in preparation for hibernation, these bears routinely weigh over 1,000 pounds.  These bears must eat as much as possible in preparation for the cold Alaskan winter.

This competition takes place every year in Katmai National Park because they have the biggest population of brown bears in North America.

The bears in Alaska are usually much bigger than most bears, but our local grizzly and black bear population are also prepping for the long winter ahead.  Our local bears usually begin their hibernation in late November.  

These bears remain in hibernation for usually about 5 months depending on snowfall and spring weather conditions.  When they emerge from hibernation in the spring is one of the most dangerous times to encounter a bear, because they are hungry and looking to build back up the fat lost during the winter hibernation.

While these creatures may seem cute and cuddly from a distance, it is important to never forget that they are ferocious creatures.  Just recently, a grizzly bear in Yellowstone took down an injured elk in the Yellowstone.  The attack was captured on video and for more information on that incident, check out the story below.

WATCH: This Yellowstone Grizzly Takes Down an Elk in Epic Wyoming Fashion

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