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Beware of Ok-A-Beh Marina Scam

Written by on May 26, 2017

If you’re looking to rent a boat at the Ok-A-Beh Marina this year, don’t call the old number – if you do, you’re opening yourself up to fraud.
An old number used for the last couple years for the Ok-A-Beh Marina has been compromised and is being used to scam people trying to rent pontoons and boat slips, as well as sell kayak tours at the Marina. Christy Fleming at the Bighorn Canyon Recreation Area says that that the old phone number was still listed on the website, although it had been disconnected for some time, until new concessionaires were determined last week. Fleming says that the scammers took over the old number and have taken advantage of unwitting callers.
Fleming says that when a person calls the old Ok-A-Beh number to rent a boat slip or pontoon boat and leaves a message on a voicemail, they are called back by an individual who tells them they can rent a boat or slip and gives them the price. He then explains they will either have to wire money through Western Union to a different individual in Harrisburg VA or Fedex Overnight funds to an individual in Greenville, NC.
Fleming says concerned local citizens who called the old number became suspicious and contacted authorities at Bighorn Canyon.

The old number is no longer on the website. Under the new ownership, the Ok-A-Beh Marina is opening this weekend.

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