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BLM Advises Fire Safety During Social Distancing

Written by on April 21, 2020

Only you can prevent wildfires.

The old saying of Smokey Bear is always relevant in our neck of the woods. But the Bureau of Land Management cautions everyone to stay alert for all thing concerning fire safety, especially as social distancing and spring weather entice more of us outside to enjoy Wyoming’s public lands. It’s the simplest actions you can take and rule you must follow that will prevent the sparks that could cause rapid-fire devastation.

  • Be aware of local public safety area closures. As of now, all campgrounds and cabins and many other social amenities in Shoshone National Forest – including firepits – are closed until further notice. Take extra precaution before venturing out and be careful with anything that could start a fire.
  • Many human-caused wildfires occur near roadways, communities and recreational areas, posing considerable public safety threats. Maintain any mechanical equipment, carry a fire extinguisher and know how to use it.
  • Ensure your safety chains on your trailers or boats are properly secure and not dragging on the ground.
  • Never park your vehicle over dead grass and avoid driving through tall grass—your vehicle can ignite the fuels and start a fire.
  • When camping on public lands, never leave your campfire unattended. Ensure your campfire is “dead” out before leaving or turning in for the night. If your campfire is too hot to touch, it’s too hot to leave.
  • If target shooting, please take all the proper precaution measures to be fire-safe—select an area that is free of flammable materials and bring a fire extinguisher or water to extinguish any flames. Exploding targets and tracer ammunition are prohibited for use on all public lands in Wyoming per the year-round wildfire prevention restrictions.

Preventable wildfires threaten lives, property and precious resources every year. As resources and manpower are stretched thin due to the coronavirus, exercising fire safety and prevention are more important now than ever. So please do your part to prevent human-caused wildfires.

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