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Bold Grizzlies Keep G&F Busy

Written by on October 2, 2018

Grizzly bears are everywhere.
That’s the way it seems, at least, to the Game and Fish personnel who were on the move this last week, dealing with several situations involving grizzly bears and humans in Park County. There was a situation in which at least four grizzlies decided to occupy the Gallagher Corn Maze near Clark; and three bears were caught on video frequenting a residential area west of Wapiti, eating pet food and looking to enter the back door of an occupied house.
Dan Smith, Wildlife Supervisor for the Cody Game and Fish Office, says that they are trying to trap the bears that found their way to the corn maze, as well as the bears hanging around the ranch near the Forest Service boundary. But he says there are some things residents can do to minimize the chance for interaction with the animals.

Game and Fish Chief game warden Brian Nesvik points out that because this is the time of year when bears are seeking high calorie food as they prepare to hibernate, grizzlies are going to turn up in places people may not expect.
There have also been incidents recently in which bear spray was deployed by people dealing with aggressive acting bears, and the department is currently assisting the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service on two law enforcement investigations involving grizzly bears allegedly being aggressive towards hunters.

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