British Paleontologist Coming Thermopolis For Jurassic Fest

Famous British Paleontologist Returning to Thermopolis For Jurassic Fest

Written by on April 24, 2023

This June, the Wyoming Dinosaur Center will host the first-ever “Jurassic Fest – Passion for the Past.” Headlining the two-day dino event is multi-award-winning British paleontologist, celebrated author, and TV host Dr. Dean Lomax from the UK.

Lomax returns to Wyoming after first visiting in 2008, then just an 18-year-old teenager straight out of high school. Growing up in the town of Doncaster in Yorkshire, England, Lomax did not have the grades or finances to go to university initially and even failed science in high school. The Wyoming Dinosaur Center offered Dean the chance of a lifetime to volunteer and follow his dreams.

Now, 15 years later, Lomax is an internationally renowned paleontologist who has discovered and named multiple new species, written best-selling books and hosted several TV shows, including Dinosaur Britain and Dinosaur with Stephen Fry. Lomax made international headlines when he led the excavation of one of the most significant discoveries in British paleontological history, the 10-meter-long ‘Rutland Sea Dragon’ in 2021.

Dinosaur hall at the Wyoming Dinosaur Center

Courtesy Wyoming Dinosaur Center

His unconventional journey into science began in Wyoming and highlights the importance of following a passion and never giving up on dreams.

“I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it wasn’t for the opportunity I was given to come to Wyoming and volunteer at the WDC in 2008. The WDC provided me with the vital experience I needed to get my foot on the ladder and work out how to make it in such a competitive field.” He is eager to return to Wyoming and share his passion for paleontology with the public.

“We are proud to have launched Dr. Dean Lomax’s career and to have him come back to Wyoming and share his story, which will no doubt inspire many people. The Wyoming Dinosaur Center is committed to teaching the importance of paleontology, and every year we see the impact we have on individuals and families by providing exciting, personal, educational experiences to both adults and young people. Jurassic Fest will provide an opportunity to listen and learn from renowned fossil experts and get your hands dirty,” said Angie Guyon, the WDC’s director.

Alongside the special digging and dino-hunting opportunities, Jurassic Fest will also offer special behind-the-scenes tours of some of the amazing fossils at the museum, providing a chance to clean dinosaur bones and speak to leading scientists. In addition, a stellar line-up of exciting speakers will also be sharing their passion for the past, each with a strong connection to the WDC:

  • Jimmy Waldron of the hit podcast ‘Dinosaurs Will Always Be Awesome.”
  • Elaine Howard, author of ‘Passion in the Bones’
  • Dr. Laura Vietti from the University of Wyoming
  • Dr. Brandon Drake from the University of New Mexico.

The event will also feature a sneak peek of ‘WHY DINOSAURS?‘, a dinosaur-themed documentary directed, filmed, and edited by Tony and James Pinto, a father and son from Simi Valley, California. Over five years in the making, the film has been greatly anticipated since its announcement and successful crowdfunding campaign.

Based in Thermopolis, the Wyoming Dinosaur Center opened its doors in 1995 and boasts a world-class museum and many active dinosaur dig sites. Unique fossils such as ‘Jimbo’ the Supersaurus, the largest dinosaur in Wyoming, along with the smallest dinosaur in Wyoming, ‘Lori,’ a close cousin of Velociraptor, are on display along with an impressive global fossil collection and the only Archaeopteryx fossil outside of Europe.

The two-day dino extravaganza will occur on June 23-24, 2023. Tickets for Jurassic Fest are available on the Wyoming Dinosaur Center’s website.

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