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Bronc Golf Confident Heading to State

Written by on September 17, 2020

The Cody High School Golf team fresh off a conference title, now get set for the State Tournament. This year’s State Tournament takes place in Evanston at the Purple Sage Golf Course. Along with Hunter Hall it has been the Senior trio of Hudson Oelschlager and the Schutzman brothers that have led the way for Bronc Golf all season. Logan returned to the links at the beginning of the season coming off an injury and says he’s fully healed and as confident as ever.

“This year was kind of crazy with COVID and everything. And then me also breaking my wrist over the summer. I didn’t start off too hot but it’s slowly coming back. I was very happy with that. I think we’ve got good plans for the future.”

Logan goes on to say the team’s confidence is through the roof but also knows there’s more work that needs to be done.

“Oh man, I think we can all do much better. I feel pretty dang confident going into State. I feel like we can all shave off strokes and I think we might have a good chance at State.”

Carter Schutzman echoes those statements and talks about what the Golf team is in store for this weekend and what he’s doing to be ready for his final State Tourney.

“It’s a super long course and it’s supposed to be windy so we’re just going to work on the consistency of our shots and just try to play it smart and save some strokes for our team score. So right now I’m working on my short game. Just getting consistent at it. Trying to shave off a few strokes but our main goal is just to play all of our solid games. We know if we can do that, we’ll walk away for sure top three at State.”

Carter goes on to talk about how this year’s had a more relaxed feel to it, something Coach Jake Kraft has stressed all season, and says that’s the biggest difference from last year to now.

“Yeah, I think the majority of the gains that we’ve made have been totally mindset. We’ve all just kind of relaxed and just went out and played our game, where in the previous years we put so much pressure on ourselves that we just end up blowing up. Hunter (Hall) has been a major help to the team and we’ve gained a lot of confidence from him.”

Hudson Oelschlager could be an X-Factor for the Golf team this weekend. Coach Kraft says Hudson generally has his best rounds at State. Hudson talks about his mindset and his biggest emphasis at practice heading into his last High School Tournament.

“Just keep your mental game in check, make sure you’re not overthinking anything, take one shot at a time, give it your all. I’m just making sure my swing is consistent throughout. Make sure I’m not coming over the top a lot, making sure I’m just being focused on just that one shot.”

And lastly Hudson goes on to reflect on his time playing for Bronc Golf.

“It’s just been an amazing experience. The Schutzmans and I, we’ve been friends for, way before golf. We are always good friends. Bradley I’ve met in golf. Hunter Hall just came this season. I’ve met him through working here at the golf course and through playing golf. I cannot ask for a better group of friends to play golf with.”

Bronc Golf is focused and determined with one goal in mind this weekend, to win a State Title. The Cody Bronc Golf team enters this weekend’s State Tournament playing as well as anyone and with the confidence they have, anything is possible. All the action gets underway Friday and Saturday.

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