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City Could Grow – by 19 Acres

Written by on November 15, 2017

The City of Cody could grow – by just under 19 acres.
At a City Council work session yesterday afternoon, City Planner Todd Stowell presented information to Council members about an 18.7 acre parcel east of West Cooper Lane that currently lies outside of the City Limits. Stowell said the owners of the property, which has not been developed yet, would like the City to consider annexing the property so that when they do decide to make improvements, they would have access to City services.
The property in question does not at the moment flow easily into the City master plan, as it is surrounded by County land on three sides. But Stowell said that it is a high probability that this land will be developed in the not-so-distant future, and advised the Council that it would be beneficial for the City to annex the property.
Stowell told the Council that should they choose to annex the property, it would be zoned R1, the most restrictive residential zone. He added that should the Council choose to go ahead with the process, the process would include a public hearing, as well as drafting an ordinance that would have to be approved after going through three readings at Council meetings.

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