City of Cody Unveils New Monthly Digital Newsletter

City of Cody Unveils New Monthly Digital Newsletter

Written by on April 19, 2021

Cody’s leaders have a new way to reach out to their community, thanks to a monthly digital newsletter that will be available to all Cody residents.

April 2021 marks the beginning of a new chapter for the City of Cody. On Friday, April 16, the city released the first edition of its new monthly newsletter.

Mayor Matt Hall, City Administrator Barry Cook, and Chief of Police Chuck Baker all penned columns for the newsletter. Each civic leader has their own message to communicate to the community, especially as summer approaches.

For the mayor, it’s important for our town to look its best – which means some cleaning is in order.

While the city’s sanitation crews are always doing their work, the mayor hopes this will become a group effort.

With Easter weekend now behind us, it is time to start getting our community cleaned up and ready for the summer, and I would like to encourage all of you to help chip in to clean up the town. After last year, the sentiment for this summer appears to be one which could be quite robust for our tourist industry. Many events are being planned and venues secured so let’s make this a fun, safe, and successful summer season. As our visitors begin to make their appearance, please give them a warm Cody welcome. We have all had a difficult past year, so please be patient and embrace the positive aspects of seeing friends, acquaintances, and new people—and, of course, enjoying the warmer weather.

City Administrator Barry Cook reflects on the past year and the pandemic that defined it. In his column, he defines the future of our city with two words: purpose and service.

The City of Cody must stay focused on purpose and service in order to become a great community—not just a good one. We must know what we are here for, and our decisions and actions must be grounded in that knowledge. We must stay on a course of serving the people. As long as we are guided by these two principles, we will accomplish great things. Greatness is a process . . . not an endpoint.

Each newsletter will feature one city department. This month’s feature is the Cody Police Department.

Chief Baker takes the opportunity to remind Cody residents of the focus of their local law enforcement.

For 2021 and 2022, our primary focus within our priorities, goals, and strategies is the associated process. In its simplest form, this focus area incorporates the fairness, respect, and impartiality we value into all of our goals—not only what we do and accomplish, but the way we do it. This primary focus of the process is the prerequisite to other focus areas of enhancing community support, citizen trust, officer development, overall well-being, and the preparation for future challenges. Be safe!

The rest of the newsletter includes a calendar of civic events, like city council meetings and utility notices.

The monthly newsletter is available on the City of Cody website or by following the link of their Facebook page.

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