Climate Crisis and Rural Preparedness at Heart Mountain Interpretive Center

Written by on November 20, 2019

Climate Crisis will be the topic of discussion this Saturday.

Wyoming Rising is sponsoring a presentation and open discussion regarding Wyoming’s response to the climate crisis and steps our community can take to be more self-sustaining in the event of dangerous changes.

Mary Keller, an Associate Lecturer and the University of Wyoming, will be presenting facts and statistics regarding the current climate and what problems it can pose. She says climate change is consistently opposed by state and national representatives, and she had a message for anyone who disagrees with the science of climate change: please come. The best responses often come from differing opinions.

Jack Tatum, Director of Park County Homeland Security, will also be in attendance to discuss matters involving emergency preparedness.

Keller sees this event as a way for the Bighorn Basin to find solutions rather than divisiveness – there’s no cons to being prepared.

Truth in Action: Climate Crisis and Rural Preparedness will begin at 3 pm this Saturday at the Heart Mountain Interpretive Center. Anyone and everyone is encouraged to attend.

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