Cody: $100K in Cody Bucks Soon to be Circulating

Cody: $100K in Cody Bucks Soon to be Circulating

Written by on December 22, 2021

2022 is already looking promising for the City of Cody, as the amount of “local currency” soon to be circulating is ensuring lots of local shopping next year.

Yesterday, the Cody Country Chamber of Commerce sent its regular online newsletter to chamber members. In addition to celebrating the 46 local businesses that became members in 2021, the Chamber has guaranteed more money will be spent in the community.

“Over the past few weeks,” the newsletter reads, “the Cody Chamber has been processing our annual Cody Bucks holiday orders! This means nearly 100k in Cody Bucks will be circulating through the Cody business community over the upcoming months.”

Since the mid-1990s, Cody Bucks have been sold thru the Cody Chamber to encourage local shopping and dining. Prepaid denominations of $10, $20, or $50 are available for purchase by any visitor. Bring a check, cash, or credit card, and your Cody Bucks will be processed and available the same day.

Cody Bucks (green)

Courtesy Cody Country Chamber of Commerce

The amount of Cody bucks already sold guarantees $100,000 of spending in Cody – since Cody Bucks are only transactional in Cody.

Any Cody area business can and is encouraged to honor Cody Bucks.  Some businesses can even run the currency through their POS systems as checks since they have a routing and account number. Other businesses process them as cash transactions.

Businesses must give exact change if the full value of the Cody Bucks is not used. For example, if someone uses a  $50 Cody Bucks wavier for a purchase of $30, the $50 of Cody Bucks should be treated as a $50 dollar bill. The business redeems the $50 and the customer receives their change.

For a community still recovering from COVID-19, guaranteeing more spending at local businesses is a tremendous success.

2021 proved to be busier and more profitable for Cody as a whole, thanks to a massive influx of tourism “post-pandemic.” This success came despite the persistent problem of a lack of workers for several area businesses.

Cody Bucks have no expiration date. However, they are designed to encourage quick use after purchase. With so many in circulation, business owners can expect to see more Cody Bucks in their businesses in 2022.

However, there is one important fact for local businesses to know going into the new year.

“Only green Cody Bucks are valid. Brown Cody Bucks are no longer valid. If you possess brown Cody Bucks, please stop by the Chamber to exchange them.”


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