Cody Country Chamber of Commerce Building 2022 Calendar

Cody Country Chamber of Commerce Building 2022 Calendar

Written by on January 19, 2022

Instead of an in-person meeting, the Cody Country Chamber of Commerce asks every local organization to add important dates to the town’s Events Calendar.

The Cody Country Chamber of Commerce hasn’t held its Calendar Coordination meeting for the past few years. The annual meeting was not held in 2021 due to COVID-19 – and now, there will be no such meeting in 2022 either.

The Calendar Coordination meeting has been a resource for organizations in the Cody community to compare and collaborate. Every group came with the dates of their events, conferences, and fundraisers to make everyone aware of what’s happening when.

After the meeting, all the dates were added to the Chamber’s Events Calendar – the easy-access look at all the events in Cody. Each event includes the dates, times, and location of the event, along with a brief description.

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Courtesy Cody Country Chamber of Commerce

In the latest member newsletter, the Chamber says it still wants dates – but members can submit them virtually rather than in-person.

The Chamber sent out a newsletter on Jan.18 announcing the “pandemic protocol” will be used in place of the Calendar Coordination meeting in 2022. However, the change isn’t necessarily because of COVID-19 but the opinions of Cody itself.

The newsletter reads, “As you know, the Cody Chamber did not hold our annual Calendar Coordination meeting last year. Recent feedback from a survey indicates a coordination meeting is unnecessary at this time.”

Instead, organizations can fill out a P.D.F. form and submit it to the Chamber of Commerce.

The form is easy enough to fill out. All that’s needed are the essential details of the event.

  • Who, what, where, and when
  • Primary contacts and their contact information
  • A link to a website or Facebook page
  • A short description (less than 50 words) of the event.

Events must be held within 60 miles of Cody to qualify for a place on the Events Calendar – along with some other caveats.

According to the form, Chamber Staff classify entertainment events (those posted to the Events Calendar) differently than sales events (posted to the Current Deals section).

Events can range from concerts to special sports tournaments to lectures with no invitation to purchase. Likewise, there can be no sales pitch at the event – it is simply for entertainment, networking, or learning purposes.

If a special event includes a sales angle, the Chamber asks organizations to create a Current Deal rather than an Event. This caveat includes “events” with deeply discounted merchandise and dinner/drinks specials.

Events submitted will be reclassified to Current Deals if they emphasize merchandise. Other “Current Deals” examples include real estate open houses or flash sales.

Furthermore, the Chamber does not add consecutively occurring weekly or monthly classes, dinner or drink specials, or monthly meetings to the public calendar. These events make the calendar cluttered and hard to navigate.

Chamber members can submit completed forms via email to the Cody Country Chamber of Commerce.

Only Chamber members can add events to the Events Calendar, but joining the Chamber is easy, affordable, and beneficial.

The Cody Country Chamber of Commerce has designed a dues structure with local businesses in mind.

  • Non-Profit or Individual $100
  • Scout $200
  • Pony Express $325
  • World Ambassador $550
  • Founder $1300
  • Community Legacy $2300
  • Buffalo Bill Partner $4600.

Information on the membership tiers is available on the Cody Country Chamber of Commerce website.

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