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Cody Middle School Conducts Lockdown Drill

Written by on December 1, 2017

Cody Middle School this week held its first lockdown drill.
CMS Principal Kelly Merager says that with the rising number of shooting incidents that have impacted schools, churches and other facilities around the country, the staff felt it was important to be prepared to protect their students.

The drill on Tuesday was the first one of its kind at Cody Middle School, and Merager said the students and staff performed well. He said that there were some questions from parents after the drill took place, and while he says it’s important to be sensitive to the anxiety that can come from a drill of this type, the staff prepped the students well, even making counselors available to students after the drill.

Merager gave credit to Assistant Principal Patrick Couture for coordinating the drill, along with District Transportation Director Mark Cozzens. Merager added that a number of entities were involved in Tuesday’s drill, including law enforcement.

Merager made it clear that this drill was in no way related to the current topic being discussed by the school board regarding armed personnel in school buildings. He said that the school will continue to plan drills of this sort and that would prepare students for other emergencies, as well.

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