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Cubs Start Season with Sweep in Billings

Written by on May 3, 2021

The Cody Cubs are back at the plate after capturing their fifth title in six seasons. They began their title defense in Billings, Montana with a doubleheader against the Cardinals. 

Game one was a close one with multiple pitchers taking turns at the mound. 

After no score for the Cubs in the first inning. The bottom of the first for the Cubs saw Devyn Engdahl be the first pitcher for the Cubs this season. He would pitch three innings giving up only one run, three hits, zero walks, and three strikeouts. 

In the second inning, the cubs would get their first score of the season with Engdahl making home off of multiple players getting either on base or creating offense with their hitting. 

The third inning would see another score for the Cubs as Tristan Blatt would make it around the diamond. While J. Schroeder and Engdahl would also make it base but would not score. 

The fourth inning would see the first pitching change. Wyatt Carlson would see the mound for Cody pitching two innings. Carlson would give up zero runs, zero hits, walking two runners, and zero strikeouts. 

The bottom of the fourth saw no score for the Cubs, but Carlson would tag three bases before three outs were made by the Cardinals. 

After one score in the fifth for the Cubs, The sixth inning for the Cubs offense would also go three up and three down. 

Grady McCarten would enter the game only pitching one inning for the Cubs. McCarten would make it a three up three down situation for the Cubs defense in the sixth. 

The seventh inning for the Cubs would see the cubs pull away and keep the lead for the remainder of the game. Ethan Johnston, and Tristan Blatt would score for the Cubs in the seventh.

The bottom of the Seventh saw Tristan Blatt on the pitcher’s mound. Only allowing one run, one hit, two walks, and zero strikeouts.  Giving the Cubs their first win of the season 5-2. 

Game two was a completely different story for the Cub’s offense. 

Jackson Schroeder began the game pitching and would go on to pitch for four innings allowing no runs, two hits, two walks, and two strikeouts. 

After two scoreless innings for the Cubs, Ben Reinker would make it around the mound from a single. Tyler Grenz hit a single and would make it around the bases and Jackson Schroeder would hit a triple and then proceed home to give the Cubs a three to zero lead after three innings.

The fourth inning for the Cubs offense would see everyone on the batting order be at the plate. Cody would start with five consecutive singles leading to three scores. A walk would give them their fourth score of the inning and a sixth single would give the cubs five runs. Extending their lead 8-0. 

The bottom of the fifth would see Chance Moss get his turn on the mound. He would struggle to start hitting two batters, walking two, and giving up three runs. Moss would be able to dig himself out and give up no runs. Along with zero strikeouts and zero hits. 

The Top of the sixth saw the Cubs tack on three more runs. As Tyler Grenz, Tristan Blatt, and Devyn Engdahl all see themselves going around all the bases. Giving the Cubs an 11-3 lead after 

Trey Schroeder would pitch for the Cubs A team for the first time in the sixth inning, seeing two runs scored after two back to back errors occurred. Schroeder would finish his one inning on the pitcher’s mound with two runs, hitting one batter, walking two, and no strikeouts. The score would be 11-5 after six

The seventh inning would seal the Cub’s second win of the season after four Cub players scored before the first out could be made by the Cardinal’s defense. Everyone would also see the plate in the seventh inning. 

Cody would win their season opener against the Cardinals winning 5-2 for game one and 15-5 for game two. After sweeping the Cardinals, The Cubs will have their home opener Saturday at home against Laurel starting at 1 p.m. You can catch the games live on KODI and

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