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Do Love Lies work in WY?

Written by on July 14, 2021

Tell me lies. Tell me sweet little love lies...

We have all either heard or said something that is not, well the truth when it comes to a situation in a relationship.

However it does turn out that someone someplace found the most common “love lies” around. Maybe some are in fact lies, yet maybe some hold the truth.

Here in Wyoming there are a few that could go either way. Cell service sucks no signal sure…sure. Traffic… hard no bud.

No matter who you are, where you live, or what you so… “Nothing’s wrong, I’m fine” is a lie. It’s a trap. Nothing is fine lets be real.

Here is a list of  “Love Lies” that is that men tell. Sounds better when you call the lie a love lie I guess.

According to, these are the ten biggest love lies that guys tell:

  1. I’m stuck in traffic
  2. It wasn’t that expensive
  3. I’m on my way
  4. I didn’t have too much to drink
  5. Sorry, I missed your call
  6. My battery died
  7. I had no signal
  8. No, your butt doesn’t look big in that
  9. This will be my last beer
  10. Nothing’s wrong, I’m fine



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