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Dylan Rumpke Talks Quake Hockey

Written by on December 28, 2020

The Christmas break is slowly winding down and the Yellowstone Quake Hockey team has been using this time off to refresh, regroup and get prepared for the second half of the NA3HL season. The Quake currently sit at 5-13 at the intermission and while the first half didn’t quite go as planned the team remains upbeat and confident that they can turn things around. As we move through the holiday season I was able to catch up with one of the players, Dylan Rumpke, to talk to him about the season, how he’s spending the break and what people can expect form the Quake going forward. Dylan recaps the first half of the season.

“Obviously from a standings standpoint it wasn’t the greatest from a standings standpoint but we definitely did some good things and some not so good things. I feel like this break really is going to help us out. We can all relax with family and get a break from hockey. Hopefully we come back in the second half ready to go and everybody’s refreshed and relaxed, I guess, coming into the second half of the year.”

Dylan goes onto say that the holiday break should do the Quake some good. It allows them to recover and come back to the ice with a clearer mindset.

“The first half of the year was definitely physically and mentally draining, as it is every year, when you’re playing that many games and practicing every day. Pretty much the only thing you have time to focus on is hockey. So getting a break, it just kind of lets us relax our mind and bodies to get refreshed..”

One of the biggest challenges that has plagued the team this year is consistently playing at a high level. They’ve shown flashes of being great and Dylan believes their on the right track to correct that issue. touches on some of the challenges that has plagued the Quake this year but thinks many of their issues are behind them.

“I think it’s a learning process of how to be that consistent that has a lot of guys coming from different places, whether they played youth hockey, where they play youth hockey. Coaches all over the country are going to teach their kids differently so new kids are trying to learn how Phil wants us to play and once we figure that out, we get it down pat, we can play consistent, we’re going to be a pretty good hockey team.”

Dylan has been one of the bright spots for Quake Hockey this season. One of the longest tenured players on the roster, Rumpke is tied with his teammate, Jack Harris, for eighth in points scored, in the NA3HL (31), this season. Dylan comments on his biggest focus returning to the Quake.

“I came back with a kind of a different mindset than the last two years where I knew I wanted to be more of a leadership role and I wanted to win. So I was willing to do some different stuff to see if that would work. It’s definitely been a learning process for me. I’ve been trying to improve just the leadership side of the game, whether I’m taking a step back and helping the younger guys get better, whether it’s me not scoring as much as I need to get the other guys up there. I’ve been trying to teach, basically is what I’m trying to get at here, get everybody on board. This year I knew I wanted to try and get more balanced so everybody is producing and everybody’s helping.”

And Dylan gives his take on how the Quake ultimately will turn things around

“Yeah, we’re not far off. I think our biggest thing right now is coming together as a team, making sure we’re playing as one. Everybody playing for the other guys in the locker room and not just playing for themselves. So if we can get everybody to buy in to what Phil’s preaching and what we’re trying to accomplish as a team, we’re going to be set.”

The Yellowstone Quake will return to action for the second half of the season on New Years Even when they welcome Sheridan into the Riley Arena. The Quake will be home, Friday, New Years Day hosting Bozeman and then on Saturday January 2nd they travel to Bozeman. All those contests are scheduled to start at 7:30pm.

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