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Fire Extinguishers Recalled

Written by on November 9, 2017

The federal government is launching a massive fire extinguisher recall.
The recall covers nearly 40 million Kidde brand extinguishers, which the Consumer Product Safety Commission says might not work during an emergency.
The recalled extinguishers date back decades and some models have been recalled before for other issues. Park County Homeland Security Coordinator Mart Knapp says this product is one that many people have in their homes and businesses.
The agency claims extinguishers with plastic handles and push buttons can clog, resulting in a failure to discharge, and nozzles can also pop off with enough force to be a dangerous projectile. Additionally, Knapp says that having an extinguisher that may malfunction can cause a false sense of security.
There have been nearly 400 reports of extinguishers malfunctioning, resulting in 16 injuries and one death. Knapp says you can find out of the extinguisher you have is part of the recall by going to the website

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