Five Facts About the Buffalo Bill State Park Camping Cabins

Five Facts About the Buffalo Bill State Park Camping Cabins

Written by on March 24, 2022

Cabins are a unique solution to the high demand for and “low” supply of camping sites at the increasingly popular and crowded Buffalo Bill State Park.

Many residents have noticed the latest additions at the Buffalo Bill Reservoir – portable camping cabins. These simple structures are the newest solution to the growing number of people who want to camp at Buffalo Bill State Park.

There’s a definite need for more camping spots. The number of visitors has skyrocketed over the last three years: 91,000 visitors in 2019. 124,000 visitors in 2020. And 178,000 visitors in 2021,  when the occupancy of existing campsites was between 90% to 100% for the entire summer.

An additional 96 temporary campsites were constructed for 2022, but park staff already anticipate more will be needed for summer.

Park officials held a public information meeting at the Park County Library on March 14. The meeting’s purpose was to address the logistics of the cabins and how they will be implemented.

Buffalo Bill State Park cabin exterior

Courtesy Buffalo Bill State Park

Camping cabins fulfill many objectives, adding more campsites while offering a different camping experience to interested visitors.

Here are the five essential things Cody residents need to know about the Buffalo Bill State Park camping cabins.

  1. Eleven cabins total

This year, only eleven cabins will be in place: four along the South Shore, four at the Sheep Mountain area, and three at Shreve Lodge (when the lodge is unavailable.) Some cabins will house one to two people, while others can accommodate three to four people.

  1. They’re basic

These camping cabins can alternatively be called “camping shacks.” In true camping tradition, the “primitive” structures are insulated but have no electricity, no heat, no water, and no ability to cook indoors.

Each cabin will have indoor furnishings like bunk beds, a table and chairs, and curtains. Outdoor amenities include a fire pit, picnic tables, and enough room for one tent outside each cabin. And by the time they are available, each unit will have a bear-proof trashcan.

  1. They’re “year-round.”

Once placed, the cabins will stay in place throughout the year but only be available during the tourist season. Park rangers will provide off-season security to ensure nothing – and no one – breaks into the cabins.

  1. Sixty dollars and fourteen days max

Buffalo Bill State Park doesn’t want to compete with local campsites. Because of this, the park is charging $60 per night for their cabins with a 14-day maximum stay.

  1. Reservations are online

The camping cabins will have a designed site for reservations. The park may use a dropbox payment system in the future, but not in 2022.

Buffalo Bill State Park cabin interior

Courtesy Buffalo Bill State Park

Buffalo Bill State Park also used the Monday meeting to address another community concern – no construction is planned at Bartlett Lane (for now.)

After a significant negative response last year, park staff confirmed no campsites would be developed at the Bartlett Lane Access for this tourist season. But after several surveys showed tremendous interest in the possibility, they will be considering new campsites at that location in the future.

Master plan meetings will be held during the coming months.

As of Wednesday, cabin reservations are not available on the Wyoming State Parks reservation website.

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