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Game and Fish Invests in Habitat Projects

Written by on July 23, 2019

$8 million dollars, for over 800 species.

That’s the commitment that was made, and made good, by the Wyoming Game and Fish Department and its partners in 2018. The agency recently released the 2018 Strategic Habitat Plan Annual Report, which outlines the expenditure of more than $1.6 million in funds for habitat projects, and the more than $6.4 million dollars that they were able to leverage from the Wyoming Wildlife Natural Resources Trust fund, federal government funds, state funds, private landowners and local conservation partners.

Brian Nesvik, Game and Fish director, points out that Wyoming invests in habitat because the people who live and work here treasure wildlife.

According to the annual report, over the last year, Game and Fish and its partners helped direct restoration, monitoring and enhancement activities aimed at improving 101 stream miles and more than 299,000 acres of terrestrial habitats including planting nearly 13,306 native trees and shrubs. Cheatgrass treatments to help control and prevent the spread of the invasive plant topped 34,263 acres.

More details on projects and the species they impact can be found in the report.

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