Governor Gordon Signs Twenty Bills Into Law

Governor Gordon Signs Twenty Bills Into Law

Written by on February 10, 2021

As of Wednesday, Governor Gordon has taken action on all legislation passed by the Wyoming Legislature during their eight-day virtual session.

Many of the bills signed are minor updates and revisions to state statutes. A full list and short summary of each bill are included below:

House Bill 08

Amends rules regarding consumer credit unions

House Bill 09

Establishes a short-time compensation program to the Wyoming Department of Workforce

House Bill 13 Revises and repeals provisions that regulate alcoholic beverages, mainly for delivery and sale.
House Bill 15 Extensive revisions to policies regarding the Department of Transportation’s state-funded communication facilities
House Bill 18 Authorizes military memorials to members who died in training accidents
House Bill 25 Amends the process of registering vehicles belonging to members of the Wind River Reservation
House Bill 27 Revisions to the state’s business codes, specifically regarding foreign corporations and adding email options
House Bill 30 Increases the maximum assessment for public utilities
House Bill 35 An amendment to the state statute clarifying the crime of theft
House Bill 45 Changes to requirements for hearings regarding water rights
House Joint Resolution 1 Requests the Veteran’s Administration work to expand and improve efforts to treat traumatic brain injuries and post-traumatic stress disorder.
Senate File 14 Amends and gives credit for reinsurance and insurance commissioner requirements.
Senate File 18 Changes to the professional licensing requirements for military spouses, allowing them to obtain work permits in-state
Senate File 26 Reorganization and updates to state statutes relating to animal abuse crimes
Senate File 29 Small changes to the uniform law affecting notaries and notarial acts.
Senate File 32 Modifies notice requirements related to water permits, specifically how those permits will be sent
Senate File 53 Establishes a private ground ambulance service provider assessment and allows it to obtain matching federal funds
Senate File 54 Authorizes the Wyoming Department of Health to maintain the exchange of statewide health information
Senate File 57 Revises the dates of recapture payments for Wyoming’s school districts: 2nd Monday of the month and the last business day on or preceding June 20

Senate File 60

Amends monthly ad-valorem taxation rules for mineral production

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