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Guide to Prescribed Fire Laws and Regulations Released

Written by on February 19, 2020

The University of Wyoming Extension has published the state’s regulations for prescribed burns.

Prescribed burns are an increasingly popular and effective way for landowners to manage their properties. The Extension’s publication focuses not on the methods but the laws and regulations that might get landowners in trouble if they do not observe the proper procedures. Burning in Wyoming is subject to regulation and individuals may be liable when regulations are violated or where failure to exercise reasonable care results in an escaped fire that causes damage or injury.

Their guide goes in depth into not only the laws surrounded a prescribed burn, but also aspects such as the legal consequences one could face should a fire get out of hand or stretch onto another property, proper smoke management and ventilation, and how to inquire about county and city regulations. It’s all pretty technical, which is why I’m not elaborating on it here.

The Extension’s report should not be relied on as a guide for conducting a burn, but rather an informal summary. Landowners need to consult with local authorities before starting an intentional fire.

You can read and download the full document here:

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