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Hands Free Law Now in Place in Powell

Written by on January 11, 2018

The City of Powell has implemented its hands-free cell phone law, and so far, so good, according to Powell Police Chief Roy Eckert.
As of last week, there have been no citations issued for the new law, which prohibits drivers from using a cellular device while driving for any reason – that means phone calls, texts, or even checking their maps or music apps. Eckert says if your cell phone is in your hand while you are driving, you are in violation.
He points out that the goal of the ordinance is to prevent accidents from occurring due to the distractions that are caused by the use of cell phones.

Eckert says the Powell Police Officers have had to adapt to this ordinance, in several ways, as they themselves have to abide by the ordinance. Additionally, they will have to educate the public about the new law. Eckert says although there have been signs posted at the four main entrances into the community, to remind drivers of the law, he expects to see a lot of warnings issued in these first few months. However, he says if an accident occurs as a result of using a cell phone while driving, a citation could be issued.

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