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Harriet Hageman Attended Israeli President Address

Written by on July 19, 2023

Harriet Hageman attended Israeli President Isaac Herzog’s address to a joint session of Congress that was focused on the longstanding Israel-United States partnership since Israel was founded 75 years ago. President Herzog discussed the legacy that they have made as a result of their relationship. Today, Congresswoman Hageman made the effort to convey her support of the relationship, as well as voice her hope for the future. 

“While some of my colleagues in the House seek to deride Israel through their anti- Semitic and hateful rhetoric, I am proud to be a friend of Israel and was honored to attend President Herzog’s address,” said Hageman. “For 75 years, Israel has stood as a beacon of democracy in the Middle East and a staunch ally and partner of the United States.”   

Israeli President Isaac Herzog spoke to a joint session of Congress on Wednesday. (Source: HOUSE TV/CNN)

“The Israeli people have weathered countless trials throughout their nation’s history, and time after time America has stood by their side. The Abraham Accords, brokered by President Trump, are just the latest example of how our nations’ partnership furthers peace and hope in the Middle East, a peace that President Herzog called ‘a true game changer’ that has ‘altered the trajectory of the Middle East.’ I look forward to a continued partnership with an ally that shares our nations values, interests, and hope for a better, peaceful world.”

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