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Wyoming Lawmakers Propose ‘Road User Charge’

Written by on January 5, 2021

Wyomingites could soon be paying a tax every time they get behind the wheel, as state lawmakers dig deep in an effort to address unprecedent funding shortfalls.

House Bill 37 was filed with the state legislature and awaits a vote in the 2021 general session. The legislation sponsored by the Joint Transportation, Highways, and Military Affairs Committee institutes a pay by mile system in Wyoming or what officials are calling a “road user charge.”

The bill creates a tiered system of charges for vehicles separated into six different categories.

  • Category 1 entails class 1 vehicles like motorcycles and multipurpose vehicles such as all-terrain and off‑road recreational vehicles with the rate of $0.013 per mile
  • Category 2 includes the common passenger type cars with a rate of $0.0215 per mile
  • Category 3 consists of pickup trucks, vans, sports utility vehicles and crossovers that are gas or diesel powered with a rate of $0.0287 per mile
  • Category 4 is where class 4 through class 7 vehicles like buses and single unit four or more axle trucks are governed with a rate of $0.065 per mile
  • Category 5 encompasses class 8 through class 10 single trailer trucks with a rate of $0.1032 per mile
  • Category 6 is the last and final section that includes class 11 through class 13 seven or more axle multi‑trailer trucks with a rate of $0.1435 per mile.

The bill notes citation and enforcement standards for misreporting mileage that can result in charges up to $750.00, imprisonment up to six months, or both as well as possible seizure and sale of a vehicles linked to delinquent charges.

The road user charge proposal aims to help the Wyoming Department of Transportation address a funding shortfall of about $135 million per year. Annual fee collections could total some $136 million per year, according to a revenue estimate attached to the bill.

The majority of funds raised through the program would go to the State Highway Fund with about $40 million annually going towards county road funds, city street and alley programs.

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