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Helpful Driving Tips To Keep in Mind This Winter Season

Written by on October 21, 2020

Well, winter seems like it’s officially here.  And with that, comes snowy driving conditions.

Now most everyone in Wyoming has a good grasp on how to drive in these conditions, however, it’s never a bad idea to refresh your memory about the best techniques to deal with inclement driving conditions.

According to, there are a few main things that everyone should keep in mind when driving in snow.

First, make sure to avoid jerky movements and try and keep your movements slow, deliberate, gentle, and gradual.

Always make sure to also look as far ahead as possible when driving, especially when the weather is particularly bad.  If you see an amber light flashing in your car, that is likely the stability control system warning you that you are losing stability, so make sure to heed that light.

If you find yourself in a skid, make sure to look where you want to go and not where the car is currently headed.   Don’t panic and do not hit the brakes.  If it is a front-wheel skid, ease off the gas and aim the car where you’d like to go.  If it is a rear-wheel skid, quickly turn in the direction that the rear is sliding and ease off the gas and brakes.

If that does not work and you happen to have anti-lock breaks, push down on the brake pedal hard and don’t let up while you continue steering the car.

Skid or not, always be conscious of the fact that your traction is constantly changing.   Even if you have all-wheel drive, you can still find yourself in a bad situation, if you’re not careful.

Finally, equipping your car with winter tires is an excellent preventative measure to take.

Keeping these tips in mind should help you to better deal with the unpredictable winter conditions that we experience in Wyoming.

One benefit of the winter season arriving is that the fire season is winding down.  For more on the current fire conditions of Yellowstone, check out the article below.

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