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High Fire Danger in Yellowstone

Written by on July 17, 2020

Yellowstone is highly dry.

The park wide wildland fire danger for the entirety of Yellowstone National Park has been raised to “High” meaning conditions are right for things to ignite and “burn, baby, burn.” There are no active wildland fires in the park currently, but this can and often does suddenly change. While lightning strikes and other natural phenomena can and do start fires, the park’s main concern is how visitors respect the environment and how even a small act of negligence can have dire consequences.

Considering the number of restrictions in place throughout Yellowstone, none of those have to deal with fire. There are no fire restrictions currently in place and none are currently being planned. Campfires are permitted but only in specific spots: fire rings in campgrounds and a selection of backcountry campsites. The key is thoroughly extinguishing campfires, as that is a common source of wildfires. They must be cold to the touch before you or anyone else abandons them. Just follow the 4 simple steps: soak, stir, feel, repeat.

While nobody wants their Yellowstone trip ruined by a fire, park staff remind everyone that it’s a fire-adapted ecosystem. All the plants and animals in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem thrive on the role fire plays in their environment, and it’s an essential part of keeping the landscape alive. But it’s better than nature take care of that itself, rather than us trying to help it along.

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