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House Bill Addresses Campus Security

Written by on January 23, 2019

Security on college campuses is the focus of a bill moving through the Wyoming House right now.

House Bill 203 would appropriate $6 million dollars in funds that would be available to the state’s seven colleges, but only if the schools could get grants and other funds to match the dollars set aside by the state. That’s according to an article in the Casper Star Tribune.

Representative David Northrup of Powell, who is chair of the House Education Committee, pointed out on Monday that community colleges are often left out of discussions regarding funding for security. He said this bill, which he sponsored, does not specify what the funding must be spent on, beyond “safety and security improvements” to the schools’ campuses. He said the state Community College Commission would establish rules governing the use of the funds.

School safety in Wyoming has been a dominant topic in recent months, launching the formation of two different committees which examined school safety after last year’s legislative session.

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