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Hunt Restrictions In Place

Written by on October 24, 2018

Hunters with a general deer license hunting in Deer Hunt Areas 110-115 are reminded of a new four-point antler restriction in place this year.
Cody Wildlife Biologist Tony Mong says that in the past, hunters with a general deer license in these hunt areas could harvest any antlered mule deer. However, this year, antlered mule deer harvested in Hunt Areas 110-115 on a general license must have four points or more on either antler, which does include the brow tine.
The antler point restrictions for these hunt areas were put into place based on an agreement forged during a public working group process in 2008. The agreement stipulated if the buck/doe ratio fell below a threshold of 20 bucks per 100 does, then an antler point restriction would be put in place the following season.

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