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Hunters Cited for Trespassing

Written by on October 3, 2017

Two hunters were cited for trespassing on the HooDoo Ranch southwest of Meeteetse last week.
A Sheriff’s deputy responded to a complaint of hunters trespassing on ranch property as they were attempting to get to the two elk that they had legally harvested on public lands outside the ranch. When contacted by the deputy, the men, 26 year old Jordan Larsen of Riverton and 31 year old Skeeter Aimone of Mountain View, Wyoming, told officers that they had been given permission to cross the ranch by a ranch employee the day before.
Ranch Manager “Buck” Braten, told the deputy he observed unfamiliar vehicles on a private road that was clearly marked with no trespassing signs, so he pursued the men on his ATV and confronted them. He said he told the two men that they had trespassed through the HooDoo Ranch property and gave them the option to turn around and access their elk from another direction. However, the men argued with Braten, refused to turn around, and continued through the HooDoo ranch property.
Lance Mathess with the Park County Sheriff’s Office says that had they done as the ranch manager asked, they would not have been cited for trespassing.
Sheriff Scott Steward commented that with hunting season in full swing, hunters are reminded to scout their locations prior to going out and respect private property at all times. He stressed that intruding on private property without the landowner’s permission is a violation of Wyoming state statues, and it is the hunters’ responsibility to know where he or she is at all times.

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