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Ian Munsick Featured in PEOPLE Magazine

Written by on March 10, 2021

Ian Munsick’s new album Coyote Cry came out just over two weeks ago and PEOPLE magazine did a whole feature on Munsick and the new album.

It is always so cool to see a fellow Wyomingite get noticed and respected, especially for country music!

Munsick wasn’t shy about being from the cowboy state either as he discussed how much Wyoming means to him.

“I’m from the state of Wyoming. I was born on a ranch. So a lot of the tunes on here are inspired by how I was raised and the Wyoming lifestyle. The West isn’t just the old West. It’s still out there, and it’s still living today.”

Munsick emphasizes his country influence and upbringing while also shedding light on some of the other influences he drew from when making the album.

“I’ve always been really inspired by contemporary music and the sounds of pop and hip-hop. So through this album, our goal was to have the lyrical and tonic inspiration of the West meet the modern. That’s what I hope the audience takes away from this album.”

Munsick talks about the tracks on the album and the process of putting it all together but more than that speaks to what music has done for himself in his own life.

Struggling with a speech impediment for a large part of his childhood, music always was a place Munsick felt at home.

Munsick wants people to enjoy his music but more than anything it is about realizing the “lyrical truth of country music.”

Listen to the top single from the album below!


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