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Iconic Landmark for Sale on North Fork

Written by on August 31, 2018

An iconic landmark on the North Fork Highway is up for sale.
The Smith Mansion, a 75-foot-tall hand-built log structure 27 miles from the East Entrance to Yellowstone, has been a subject of mystery since its creator, Francis Lee Smith, fell to his death during its construction in 1992.
Due to distance and time constraints, Smith’s family has made the decision to sell the building and the surrounding 10 acres of land. Scott Richard, the realtor representing the property, says this is one of Wyoming’s most unique landmarks.

Richard says that the family worked hard to preserve the structure, and says it was a difficult decision to list it. However, because the family doesn’t live nearby, he says that no one is available to protect the mansion from vandalism. He says the family’s hope is that someone will purchase the property to preserve and protect the unique landmark.
Interest in the property has risen thanks to a video that Richard created and posted on social media last week. The video has gone viral due to the unique nature of the structure.

The mansion is world-renowned, according to Richard. It’s been featured in hundreds of articles, documentaries and TV commercials. Additionally, he says that there are some movie directors who have expressed interest in using the property.
Richard is listing the property for $750,000.

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