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Incredible 1903 Footage Shows Steam Engine Arriving in Wyoming [VIDEO]

Written by on March 20, 2023

120-Year-Old Film of a Train Arriving in Wyoming

Newly released footage from a Wyoming museum offers a glimpse into daily life in the Equality State, showing a steam engine arriving at a train platform in 1903.

The Carbon County Museum, based in Rawlins, shared the video on its YouTube channel Monday morning.

According to the museum’s description, the footage was donated to the museum by Ricky Durant. It “shows a passenger train pulling into the Cheyenne, Wyoming Depot.”

The film, in remarkable detail, shows how much has changed in the 12 decades since it was captured.

Although many people take interest in steam engines for a variety of reasons, railroads were crucial to the nation’s westward expansion and played a pivotal role in Wyoming’s statehood. This video, taken only some 13 years after Wyoming joined the Union as the 44th state, serves as a stark reminder that without railroads, the state wouldn’t exist as we know it today.

Perhaps the most astounding thing about this video is the quality and how well it seems to have been preserved for all these years.

We’re quite fortunate to have neighbors like Mr. Durant who are willing to share this history with the rest of us. We also owe our thanks to Wyoming’s many historians, including all the folks at the Carbon County Museum, for cataloging and protecting historical records so that future generations can look back and learn from the past.

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