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Last Lunar Eclipse of 2022 will be November 8th

Written by on October 20, 2022

The last lunar eclipse of the year is scheduled for November 8th.

The Big Horn Basin will be one of the last in the world to experience it as the total lunar eclipse will be at 4:41 am mountain time.  Lunar eclipses can happen several times a year. An eclipse takes place when the Sun, Earth, and Moon align in a straight line. This creates a reddish/brown layer around the moon’s edges, very similar to the color of a sunset.

Those who miss the eclipse will have to wait another whole year as the next one isn’t projected until late October 2023.

Looking to view the eclipse? Here are some important times to consider:

2:09 am: Partial umbral eclipse begins. Moon enters the earth’s shadow.

3:16 am: Total lunar eclipse begins. The moon turns dark orange or red.

3:59 am: Mid-point of the eclipse

4:41 am: Total lunar eclipse ends. The moon begins to leave the shadow.

5:49 am: Partial umbral eclipse ends. Moon exits earth’s shadow.

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