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Library Makes Cuts

Written by on September 1, 2017

The Park County Library is not immune to the statewide budget cuts that have affected other county and state programs.
Because of the hiring freeze in place, County Librarian Frances Clymer says that they can’t expand their current staff, and with the retirement of longtime employee Edie Phillips yesterday, that cuts their staff even further. As a result, they will no longer be able to keep their doors open on Sundays.

Additionally, the Biblio Bistro, which has been serving lunches since its opening, will no longer be able to provide that service. Clymer says they lost staff after they advertised a request for proposals for vendors to take over operation of the café, which leaves them with one full time and one part time employee. She says the chef can only bake pastries while a part time person is there, so the bistro is offering just snacks, coffees and smoothies.
Clymer says that although the intention of the Library Board was to run the Biblio Bistro in-house, logistically changes need to be made. And she says that having private vendors run businesses on public property in situations like this is not unprecedented.

Clymer says their mission is to serve the public, and despite funding issues, their offerings as an organization are expansive. She says aside from their extensive collection of digital and paper-based books and periodicals, they offer digital device training, public events and classes, and host author visits and book signings, among other services.

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